Wednesday, March 16, 2011

{the Nile}!

We are pleasantly in the middle of spring break here- although we have yet to "break"! We went for a quick trip to the Great Wolf Lodge {I'll post later on that} & now we're off to the beach soon. And... due to the fact that Cooner's e-mails are being held {and I can in NO way help her with computer issues & I keep forgetting to have Joey call her}.... Here is a LONG over-due update for her! Prissy finished up her semester long Egypt project last Friday.......

and... when Mrs. Stone said "costumes are optional" during one of Cooner's visits- it became MANDATORY!!!!- {and now it should be getting clearer to you- why I'm the way I am....}


Prissy reading her report about the Nile River
{and I must say you can ask her us anything about it & we can tell you!}


this is her asking for questions at the end
{I could have killed her- I barely took a breath during the presentation & then she took questions???}


We made: a salt flour map {with Cooner's help- A LOT of it}, a report, a fact sheet- including fully illustrated pages :), & made Egyptian cookies to share- shoooooo weeee I'm bushed all over again just thinking about it... But she got an A+ & Joey made me a cheesecake- I'd say it was a win/win!!!!!!!!


and this is a little cameo from
Moses & Pharaoh
{aren't they precious- ALL of the presentations were MOST enjoyable!!}

now I gotta run & judge a Lego building contest!!!!!!

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