Friday, November 09, 2012

it's that time again...

I am beside myself this morning getting ready for our "girls beach weekend"- YEAH!!  Y'all have no idea {or maybe you do} how many things have to go right to get 5 busy wife/momma/nurse/coach/hair dresser/cook/teacher/personal attendant/domestic engineers out the door on the same day for 2 nights!!  Can I get an "amen" somebody please!!!  I know our kiddos are in very capable hands and Lord knows I've prepped Prissy for any & all emergencies that might arise in my absence... Thankfully Cooner flies in on Saturday & she'll take my place just perfectly.  I have already shopped for the ingredients for Joey's b-day cake ahead of time & Cooner had agreed to get it started for me- A mother's love is really like no other...  He has asked for Cooner's mom's recipe for Red Velvet cake- the kind with the icing that you make on the stove- TO-DIE-FOR!}  


This year I asked the girls to play "Oprah's Favorite Things"  with me....  But instead of "YOU GET A CAR- YOU GET A CAR..."  it will be something {under $10} that we love like- our favorite lotion or lip gloss or fabulous household item.  I think it will be in the words of Jodi C "super fun"!  I can't wait to see you gals!!!!!  


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