Monday, October 25, 2010

"3 little things..."

{one of the MANY dance recitals that Prissy performed for me during my bed rest with the A-man...}

... I keep forgetting to tell ya'll 3 things! But 1 is much more important than the others.... One little darlin' girl {and I get to say that because I live in the south- ha ha}, who has been dancing for about 4 years now, was finally able to try out for a part for the winter recital a few weeks back... and.... she got a part!!!!!!!! She was very pleased to get the call & has been dancing her little tutu off every weekend ever since @ practice. I was reluctant to have her try out {I didn't want her heart to be broken if she didn't get a part}, but her daddy said "it would be good for her & she may try out if she wanted to". I guess you know the rest of the story- only let me tell you that on that certain Saturday of try outs- {when I was @ work... I couldn't breath & I had ALL of my patients praying for the little one that I had fixed a ballet bun for that morning @ 5:30 before I left...}. I think it was "good medicine" letting them think about something else besides their condition & the Lord knows I couldn't talk about much besides that anyways.... I'm now on the look out for any 1920's children's clothing {let me know if you have any/or suggestions"}????

and on a completely different note... I fell in love "Mrs. Meyer's" products when I first saw them @ a fancy home store down town... Then T.J Maxx had some & I scooped up a few bottles for me & for gifts.... NOW Wal-Mart {and I keep forgetting to tell you} is starting to carry them!!! So go get some- they will NOT disappoint {my very favorite is Baby Blossom & Lemon Verbena- they make your house smell wonderful & they are non-toxic}.

and cause this post has a mind of it's own... Big Lots now carries Paul Deen box mixes. I found them there about a month ago {although I have only tried the muffins- BOTH blueberry & chocolate were FANTASTIC}, Catherine says the cookies are yummy too!!! Alright I think that's enough rambling for the day...

did I mention that
I'm the PROUD mother of what's gonna be the cutest little "wild rabbit" ya'll will have ever seen {the Velveteen Rabbit recital is December the 11th for all you NC folks}?????

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  1. Yay Josey!!!! I'm SOO excited for you!!! :) You've always had the best dance moves! You will be fantastic!!
    Aunt Kristy