Monday, October 18, 2010

'it's time for SpOoKiNg- again!!!"

Last night we gathered up our SpOoKiNg supplies & hit the neighborhood. If ya'll want to see how we did it last year {click here}. We LOVE it every year & this year did not disappoint either!!! However... it did take a toll on my little kiddos "that running makes me worn out Momma" & "I need drink water- QUICK" was heard around here MORE than once!!! If ya'll try it out or if ya'll have any other fun traditions- let me know {we'd love to try them too}!!!

{me in the get-away-car... Not at ALL too cool to take my own picture- Mr. JOEY!!!}

{getting the rules down... "be really REALLY quiet, put the treat down, ring the door bell, & RUN!!!!"}


p.s. if ya'll know any little boy {and that's ALL of you} that likes swords or Star Wars {and that's ALL of you too}- run over to the Dollar tree & get yourselves one two of these... because they #1- light up & make great sound effects, they #2- are made of foam & cause little to NO head injures {sorry it's the nurse in me again!}, and they #3- are $1.00 for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!!

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