Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Holy-weens from our past..."

this is a LONG one... but I want the kiddos to someday see ALL of these good times too!!!

Josey's 1st Halloween 2003:

Josey with our 2 sweet little neighbor girls:
~Morgan & Paisley~
(I remember them always saying "Ms. Ashly can we come over & see what Josey is wearing today?"- they loved all of her pretty clothes!!!!

(Priss wearing her 1st Tu Tu that I had ever made. I stuffed those tights to make her some LONG ballerina legs)- she just greeted the trick-or-treaters, but she looks SOO PRECIOUS!!!!

Halloween 2004:

(YES.....I took the easy route & bought a costume- she was really into Dumbo & I must say..
she looks really sweet. We took her trick-or-treating for the 1st time & she LOVED it!!!)

Halloween 2005:

(thanks to my MIL Jean who bought me my 1st sewing machine- I made her entire Little Bo Peep outfit complete with a little sheep-bag to hold her treats)

I made this little outfit (with Cooner's help)- here she is headed out to her music class to pass out these little popcorn-ball-ghosts!!!

Halloween 2006:

" Li'l Bride"- complete with high heels (of course), a train, an up-hair-do, a veil, & gloves... This one made me a little sad- she looked SO grown!!! I know that she will make a BEAUTIFUL bride someday.... (there is something about making a wedding veil for your child that makes you cry....)

this is her waiting for her friend to come over & go trick-or-treating with us!!!
(guess she got her patience from me- whoops!!)

this is her forgiving Hannah for being late-
(they were so cute together- holding hands ALL night long)

these were my 1st attempt @ custom overalls (they turned out super cute- complete with a little tail in back that wiggled when she walked... so PRECIOUS!!!!)

p.s. A-man was on the way!!!!!!!!

Halloween 2007 "and then there were 2":

~Ariel & Sebastian~
that year I dressed them alike- they always wore matching brother & sister outfits so I think that ya'll expected it... didn't you???

she was SOOO proud of her costume from our Disney trip- she wanted to wear it again!!!

He really didn't care, but I think he looked absolutely adorable in that little crab suit..

It was a VERY cold Halloween so he went home with his daddy after the club house party & greeted the trick-or-treaters!!! I slipped home to help get him out of his costume... He "drooled" over all the fun costumes- ha ha!!!

We met up with Hannah (another Ariel)- we had no idea that they were both going to be Ariel? They told everyone that they were "twin-sister-Princesses!"!!!

Halloween 2008:

She really wanted to be a Nurse (and I secretly was delighted to make that wish come true..)! I found these princess scrubs @ the uniform shop & they looked perfect- compete with a stethoscope, a badge with her name (MANDATORY), & tons of stickers & bandages (all of which were gone VERY quickly to all the "patients" @ the club house!!)

He got to actually wear something that belonged to his sister (GASP)!!! He had NEVER heard of a "hand-me-down" since ALL of his sister's clothes (including pj's & blankets) were pink & purple!!! I loved this little Dumbo just as much as the 1st time around.

NOTE: this is NOT a padded costume friends-
he is ALL home grown!!!

~My Harris Boys~

o-ya & complete with PINK & PURPLE
hair highlights!!!! "I think every nurse gets her hair done Momma" were her thoughts on why we needed some of these!!!!

Halloween 2009:

Ladies & Gentleman I give you:
~Princess Leia & Yoda~

Princess Leia accepting her award for:
"Best Halloween Hair"

Yoda accepting his award for:
"Best Over All Costume"

posing for pictures after the awards......
(I got a little misty eyed during the ceremony of course- I'm such a water-head!!!!)

Princess Leia- after completing her costume with
her light-up mask & lightsaber...

p.s. we can't wait to see what tonight holds.... I'll let ya'll see the action tomorrow!!!


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