Friday, October 29, 2010

"the walkathon & a gypsy..."

Today A-man & I helped with the Walkathon- it was a HUGE success {our PA president Kristen is awesome :: great job sweet friend!!!}! My kiddos had a ball- here are some pics from our busy day...

{this is the little face I was looking for ALL morning...}

{this is the A-man rethinking his thoughts on "would you not have me get paint on my face".

Prissy on the other hand... took FULL advantage of the face painting booth... I think she got 6 things!!!

A-man prancing around... He was such a little cutie today!!!
{his pockets were completely FULL of rocks & still are- he couldn't have been happier!!!}

p.s. 2 months ago I promised Priss that I would make Lanie a costume to match hers {after all- it is her 1st Halloween}.... So {determined to let my "yes" be "yes"}... I finally took to my sewing room this afternoon....

{I think Lanie looks precious- but I must say... her mother looks even better!!!}

{and we couldn't leave Lucy Danyell out- she "wanted" to be a cheerleader this year- and that was perfectly alright with me cause we already had that costume!!}

now... I gotta run & finish some last minute things up for the big night!!!!!

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