Friday, October 08, 2010

"we are back... but barely!"

Well... we are back from IN, we are a smidgen sickly with head colds, we are missing our VERY gracious host & hostess a LOT, but we had the best time ever!!!! I would tell you about how we rode EVERY ride @ the Apple Festival SEVERAL times, how we ate the most delicious food EVER @ the reunion & got to see some of my family that I'd never even met yet, about how Prissy fished for the 1st time & caught 5, how A-man clung to Daddy Bud like he found his other half {and how Daddy Bud loved it!!}, how my children rode 4-wheelers until dark then whispered that "they loved pancakes" and in minutes hot homemade pancakes were magically on the table {I still don't know how Cooner can make a meal in minutes like she does?}, or how we went to Amish Country & used an out house..... But I think I'll let the pictures speak for themselves!!!! Get ready... this is a long one!!!!

Cooner gave my friends strict instructions that they could visit with me on Saturday from 7-3 ONLY!!! Ya'll think that I'm kidding, but for those of you that know her well... you don't. She has been known to take the phone off of the hook & to hide cell phones {NO kidding}. It is nice to be loved so much that she doesn't want to share me though!!! So in keeping with the order- Kristy & adorable Corbin came over Saturday {around 11}!!! I so LOVE these 2 peeps & A-man agrees with me 100%!!!

A-man & Daddy Bud after eating @ the Pepperoni Grill!!! I think you can see why we think that place is... YUMMY!!!!

Prissy, A-man, & Jaylee on the tilt-a-whirl!!!
{I didn't see any other crazy momma getting up onto the rides to make sure the belts were secure & taking pictures... I hope this sickness gets progressively better & NOT worse!!}

A-man taking it easy on the Carousal while the big kiddos rode the Ferris Wheel!!! {don't worry Daddy Bud is right next to him- NO he is not riding by himself!!}

Travy & I sharing a sugar-free lemon shake-up!!!!
{the best thing EVER!!!}

Cooner & I trying to decide between... a Davis fish sandwich, a taco salad in a bag, or a hand dipped corn dog for dinner??? {Don't worry we eventually tried all 3!!}

My little "winner every time"... {never mind that he had to stand on the counter, Daddy Bud had to basically throw the dart for him, or that it cost a ridiculous amount to play {I can't believe how much the rides cost these days..}. All the children had to do was look @ something & their wishes were granted!!!

~Big T, A-man, Priss, & Precious~
all riding the tea-cups together!!!

~My Grandma & Grandpa Hord~
{we had about 60+ family members & that was only including Cooner & the Aunt's families. They have decided to do it again next year & I can't wait to get together again already!!!

Cooner made this little centerpiece in about 10 minutes as the guests were arriving... I mean really- who else could pull that off???

A-man & I snuggling up for the auction to raise money for the next reunion. I think I should tell you that my Aunt Betty's jelly went for $40.00...... & my brother & I were bidding against each other. I guess jelly is thicker than blood- ha ha. And Prissy tasted Aunt Betty's famous coconut cream pie {my favorite hint hint..} and said that it was "AWESOME" that is now what she wants instead of cake for her b-day!!!!

A-man getting ready for his shot @ the pinata... But it was Tucker that finally brought it down!!!

~Prissy & Precious~
{nick-named by Cooner when they were babes}

Daddy Bud & A-man walking on the trail to my parent's house after the reunion. It really was the perfect location for the party!!!

This is Prissy's 1st cast result.... I think she was 5 for 5!! Not bad for her 1st fishing trip....

~this really speaks for it's self!!!~
The children were in complete amazement at the buggies & the bonnets!!!

but.. I think the little Amish children were even MORE amazed with my kiddos. One by one more & more children would come into the little "General Store" to see A-man's little cars & see Prissy's sparkly purse. It's funny I think that Prissy would have swapped her purse for a piece of that homemade candy that they were eating in a second {she's got a little lot of me in her..}!!!!!!

...and this is where the "magic" happens!! See- I have a little boy that when he says "I need to go stinky" he has to go NOW!!! So.. we went & all I have to say is "thank Heavens for my Mary Poppin's bag & it's never ending supply of wipes & hand sanitizer"!!!!!

Uncle Travis came over on his lunch break to tell us "goodbye". My children {and his too for that matter} think he's something special.... and o-kay- me too!!!!! A-man loves his "smooches"- which are not your average kisses... They consist of flipping you over his shoulders & letting you slide down his back- YES I have had a few over the years myself!!!
{and thanks to Cooner & Daddy Bud- all 3 of us got our very 1st Colt's shirts!!}

The kiddos busying themselves on the flight home all the while asking every 5 minutes "Momma how much longer until we see Daddy???"

p.s. THANK YOU Hayes' for showing us such a good time. I hate that it didn't work out to see all the Harris' while we were home, but I know that we will have a ball with ya'll @ Christmas!!!!! Now I gotta run & get this house whipped back into shape- it looks like a bachelor has had his way with it for a week- YIKES!!!!!!!

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  1. awww!! come back!! i miss you already!! love this post-love the pictures. Your kiddos are so precious in pictures, but even more precious in person!! I ♥ them!! So did Corbin! i know you hear this probably daily from Cooner, but move back to us!!! we love you!!!
    Cooner-what the heck?-that centerpiece looked like Martha Stewart put it together with a team of professionals! You have an amazing gift Jackie! Love you all!