Thursday, December 02, 2010

"spending a little=blessing A LOT..."

{I took this little photo of my sweet little elf this morning @ school. His class is having their "Crazy Christmas dress-up day"!!!}

Okay... so I've been a little LOT obsessed with finding the perfect for gift for many on my list this year. I am doing some homemade things too... so I hope to share some of those soon. This week- I'm tackling teacher gifts {and I promise to post what I did this year cause 3 teachers from last year have asked how I did them- yeah}. And I am making the kiddos' class treats that are super fun & easy!!!! But contrary to what Joey says about me "making up" people to buy for..... NO that's NOT true. I like the bless the trash man {don't you?} & I also like to think it's why he stopped to ask if I had forgotten to put the dumpster out last week- which I had {could it be that he secretly looks forward to his gift every year too??}! And don't forget the mailman {person- I guess I should say these days}. My Aunt works for the postal service & they get very little credit where credit is due!!! But... I say all of this to say- you don't have to spend a lot to bless A LOT!!!!

I found these precious little chocolate ballerinas @ the dollar tree. They are just the right size to be wrapped pretty & slipped into a ballet bag to give her teacher a little "thank you" for ALL of her hard work over the year!!!

See y'all back here tomorrow for some more good stuff!!!

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