Wednesday, February 09, 2011

{poor us!}

Well... we are home from the airport {a place I find very wicked, unless you are meeting an arriving flight...}. But... we were not meeting one of those, we did that last week & now it's a sad place again! Cooner came & went and we had a glorious time with her as always. The children said it best... A-man says "Poor us, I don't like this day!" & when I tucked Prissy into her very VERY lonely bed she said, "Momma my bed seems so big.... and I'm gonna just miss turning over and seeing Cooner in the middle of the night...." I have not words only this "Y'all Indiana peeps- better be GOOD to her!!!!!!!!!!

{this is the sign that Prissy made for Cooner- she took it with her & will keep it forever- I'm sure!!!}

Joey is gonna miss this...

and this... {me & Prissy too}

but mostly we'll just miss her & her sweet ways and how she can make the impossible seem possible & how she teaches us to be better by how she treats others.... {I swear my neighbors love us because she feeds them every time she visits!!!!!}

Darling Cooner-
hurry back to us!!!!!

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