Thursday, February 10, 2011

{V-day now & then...}

Today has been a bit crazy with A-man's V-day party- whew {he danced @ school today:)- a LONG time coming}!!! And tomorrow I am helping Prissy's class make their valentine holders..... I have much sewing to do & little time to do it... I hope to share pics of tomorrows crafting, but here is a peek at last years Valentine Back Packs!!!!

last year I was asked by Josey's teacher to come up with a "Valentine box" idea to put the students Valentines in.... HUH I thought to myself.. what can we make that hasn't been done before? Why Valentine backpacks of course!!!!! Here is how we made them...

First I collected boxes (several from packages from Cooner & Papaw-thanks guys). Then we (Jenny & I) painted them. I used any/ALL the house paint & spray paint that had any Valentine flair to it...

Then I cut out the flap to transform the box into a Valentine backpack. (I love the BIG opening- perfect for treats BIG & small)

Next- I added the straps (perfect to hang on the back of their chairs for the Valentine exchange).

I went ahead & decorated Mrs. White's Valentine backpack- I know that she will busy BUSY helping all of the little people today. (Did I mention that she has 2 boys- I thought that she'd appreciate a little FU FU in her life- ha ha ha!!!)

and.. when Ashton asked "for me too Momma?" While I was painting in the garage... I transformed a little Valentine box for him too... Ya'll know how I feel about leaving him out- NO WAY!!!

Then Priss said "Momma can I just glue a couple of things on now, then I can finish it up @ the party? I will be able to help you (teach) the others how to do it- O-kay?" What can I say... she is her mother's daughter- but I did LOVE her backpack when she finished. She insisted on putting this BIG purple button! Doesn't it look FABULOUS???

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