Thursday, September 15, 2011

{little white lines...}

It's funny the things you remember or at least the things that you pass on... I have always told Prissy that the little white lines that come on your fingernails were "fib lines" put there as a reminder to us for not telling the truth. My Grandma always used to say that God put "little white lines" on your nails if you told "little white lies". It would make you not want to tell fibs & if you did, you were reminded of them.... and everyone else knew what you had done too- YIKES!!! **Now as I'm writing this I realize {for the 1st time} that this may come across as a teeny tiny bit harsh or neurotic??** Anyway- last night the A-man came into my room {well after bedtime} with his hands behind his back & his shoulders hung with his lip out {can't y'all just see his poor pitiful self?}. He said "he needed to show me something, I got one of those bad lines." "What lines?" I said in complete confusion. "The ones that make you have to tell the truth... I need to tell you..... that I did have to go stinky @ ballet when you asked me, but I was afraid to go in that bathroom with those goowls (girls). Now I have this dittle line cause God knows the truth!" I was torn to go ahead & tell him how even though God knows EVERYTHING- He doesn't give you "fib lines". And how those little "fib lines" are really from trauma to your nail beds that go away without confession. He does however give you His spirit that guides you to tell the truth.... & I'm sure glad the A-man is getting to know him! But... instead- I hugged & kissed his neck {and his "dittle" fingers}, prayed with him about telling the truth, & piggy-backed him into his bed. I {heart} him!!!!!!!!!


p.s. This morning the A-man noticed this on Prissy's fingernail.... Heaven help his pre-school class & anyone else that has one!!!!!!!!!!

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