Sunday, May 12, 2013

For these children.... I prayed! {a mother's day post}

My darlings....  I adore you more than any Momma ought to be allowed.  I love your little faces, your sweet spirits, your laughs, your freckles, & your smell!  You have brought more joy to this heart than I thought was ever possible.  And... when I met you- I finally knew how much my Cooner loves me.  She loves me when I am unlovable & is the first one that I call for EVERYTHING!  No doubt you can see how much I adore her when we are together & I know I have told you many of the wonderful things that she has done for me in my lifetime....  But there are so many more things that you will never know about her.  How she once blew the yolks out of 41 eggs for an Easter craft when I was in 3rd grade.  Or how she taught me how to make "the cookies" that you love that I make....  She made the most wonderful meals for me growing up {I did not thank her enough for those} and fixed my hair EVERYDAY well into Jr High.  I LOVE her in a way that I pray you will someday grow to love me....  She is a precious soul, one whom I long to become.  
This is the 1st official photo of~Josey & I~
my water broke 2 days before Cooner
was to come... I remember when the nurse
told me that my baby was coming, I said
"but my mom won't be here until Wed."
I felt like I was 12 yrs old...
(July 29th 2003- I became a Momma!!!)this is the 1st official photo of
~Ashton & I~
I didn't get to hold
him for 4 LONG days
so this was a moment
that I will NEVER forget...
Joey took this with his phone, it
is a little blurry- but to me it's
(April 21st 2007- I became a Momma for the second time!!)

"the Lord is faithful in ALL of His promises"
~Psalms 145:13~

My sweet hubby and kiddos have outdone themselves this week!  It is Nurse's Week {shout out to my girls on 2-Neuro- WOOT WOOT.  We are totally the "brains" @ MRH}.  And Mother's day this weekend- ALL at once.  I have been showered with pretty wrapped gifts, handmade gifts, gifts of service, & my cup has truly runneth over :)  A-man's little "guess my Momma?" game inside his classroom cracked me up.  They had to write 2 sentences about their mommas then draw them ;)  Need-less-to-say... I thought I was a few like the one who "loved salad" but that one also "loved broccoli"- sadly NOT me.  Then there was the one who "loved running"- she had curly hair but sadly she also "loved wrestling and playing baseball"..... not me either.  Then I saw it... A brown curly headed girl with A LOT of accessories, who "loves salad, running, and CHEESECAKE!" "YES THAT'S ME!" I said out loud as I was reading.  I turned around to a beaming A-man.  I had guessed his!   He SO knows his Momma! 


and to my dear MIL Jean!  
and to all the other wonderful mothers that I know....  

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