Monday, August 16, 2010

"ahhh where has the time gone?"

tonight.... i'm taking this little sweaty {what is it with little boys that sweat through their heads?} monkey to meet his teacher & see his classroom @ his pre-school back-to-school night... i can't believe that it's time for this already.... he is ready- i'm getting there! this afternoon i made some little hair clips for the fall "A" line & because i have zero shame... i made one for his teacher's little girl too...

i mean really... this little clip couldn't hurt his chances of becoming her favorite.... right????
{shameless i know... it's who i am- blame cooner!!!}


  1. oh you are so crafty!
    I have only boys, so flowers are not in my near future...just sweat I guess.

  2. no worries!!! I love my little sweaty headed boy just as much as my frilly little girl!!!! BOTH are gifts from God...

    p.s. I'll pray for wonderful daughters-in-law for you one day- very far from now!!!!!!