Friday, August 27, 2010

"just so you know..."

I do NOT always have it together {hence the fact that I'm just now getting to my blog this week}!! The week has flown by & I have nothing clever or impressive to share with ya'll. I can however tell you how: Priss started ballet this week & I took her to the wrong class=horrible momma for making her stay... but her teacher did say "she was a natural & that she could hold her own with the 10 yr olds"- this didn't make Priss any happier... Then I picked up A-man from his 2nd day of pre-school- his teacher said "we really reached a mile stone today... he smiled ONCE!"... I think that pretty much tells you the condition of my heart.. only wait only yesterday I flew into the market to grab some milk before picking A-man up from his 3rd day of pre-school. I found out that it was show-n-tell {of which I had forgotten}.. so I plundered through my purse {AKA the Mary Poppin's bag- per my girlfriends} & found a car- whew!!! I asked A-man "what did you say @ show-n-tell?" "Uhhmm... I say this is my car." "Did you share your car with anybody?" I asked. "YES.. 1 body"- so seriously all the while clutching his little car for dear life!!! Then I frantically got in the door with just enough time to make a quick lunch for us & get A-man into bed for his nap before we had to get back in the car & get Priss... when I realized my milk had leaked out ALL over the trunk......

but then I found the new AG catalog & saw all of the tiny little tabs on pages that Priss had marked- I {heart} her... and suddenly I felt really blessed all over again!!!

p.s. the girls & I have started back with a new Beth Moore series about David called:

"A heart Like His"
{hopefully this will make my Tuesdays a little brighter while the A-man is away...}

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  1. Oh my! We have all had those weeks! It seems like some days I don't know if I am coming or going or which way is up. Somehow we always make it through to tomorrow. I know next week will be great for you!!