Thursday, August 12, 2010

"flowers = lip gloss"

hello sweet friends!!!! I had to take a little spell off from blog-world to collect myself from ALL of the sadness, but mostly to hold my little darlings more & kiss their cheeks off.... {I hope ya'll understand...} Today the A-man & I are off running errands {which will most definitely include going to one a few junk stores!!! I'm ready to tweak my decor a smidge without breaking the bank... I'll let ya know what I find. Until then I wanted to show you a little flower pin that I've been working on {flowers are to me what lip gloss is to Priss... now do you get my sickness?}:

here is what ya need:

:: poly/silk fabric
:: candle lighter
:: scissors
:: fun beads or a pin
:: needle & thread
:: ruler if your OCD
{I happen to be, but I didn't use it- ha ha}

next: cut out squares descending in size
{I used 6, but you can make it as big or small as you like}

then:: round off the corners & ruffle the edges with the lighter...
{and if you don't love it- cut if off & try it again!}

next:: stack them together & see how they look

finally:: sew them together & add some beads to finish them off!!!

I LOVE this little pin for many MANY reasons... like the fact that she can be worn on a head band, a hair clip, a purse strap, a bag handle, on a belt {and YES you will see her this FALL on mine}, but for now I love her on a pillow on my sofa.....

p.s. NOW is the time to clip your hydrangeas off and dry them for the fall/winter! My sweet friend Jodi let me clip these last Friday & they're dried already- no more watering or tending to do- they will look gorgeous ALL winter long!!!!

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