Wednesday, August 04, 2010

"back to school..."

well... we are back to school & the summer flew by us without us even noticing!!!! Priss said, in her words, "2nd grade is totally great... you get 2 snacks... I guess it's because you are so much smarter & need more food to help you think?" - I just died laughing @ her all the way home {she had a VERY captive audience with her brother & I}. A-man was pretty pitiful most of the morning... I hope today is easier {for both of us}... It always amazes me how {o-kay} the other moms seem to be @ drop-off- I thought by year, {I don't know 5 including pre-school}, I would have my tears under control.. NO not yet! Heaven help me in 2 weeks when A-man starts......

Priss putting her things away on the 1st day!!!
{notice anything new??? She has asked to wear "hair ribbons" for awhile instead of "hair bows"- she thinks it looks a little more "2nd grade"- here we go!!!!!!}

p.s. and back to school means homework & spelling tests... 2 of her words this week= chrysanthemum & petunias- YIKES!!!!!! {I must admit that I had NO idea how to spell them.. until last night!}

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  1. Wow! I can't believe you all have started school already, I thought us starting on the 17th was early.
    Love the ribbons in Josie's hair. I had been making ribbon pony-O's for Jaclyn. The combinations are endless.
    Enjoy your free time while A-man is in school. That is my "grown-up girl time" with the preschool mommas. :o)