Thursday, August 05, 2010

"little chic shack..."

today I stumbled upon this beauty!!! I {since forever I guess} have wanted a little get-away just for me... AHHH how I would LOVE this little one!!!!

{click on the pics to see the details...}

This amazing woman took a 9ft x 14 ft shack that started like this...

And with hard work, salvaged materials, thrift store finds and only $3,000...yes I said only three-thousand-dollars, she created a magnificent retreat in the mountains of New York.

And the best part??

She did it all.by.herself.

Ok, no more words. The photos will speak for themselves.

Wasn't that fantastic???
{this is SO going to be a dream of mine}

If you want to read the story behind Ms. Foster and her little cottage, click here.

And what I am loving the most...she has a blog! Check it out...My Shabby Streamside Studio

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