Friday, August 20, 2010

"school days then & now..."

so... I we made it through the 1st day of 3yr old pre-school {thanks for your prayers & well wishes}!!! Ashton had an amazing time & couldn't stop talking about it up until bedtime. He just kept on with the "why don't I get to stay as long as Priss" & "why can't I eat lunch there?" "Because God only gives you what you can handle." I replied {knowing that my heart couldn't handle more than this at this moment!!!}! He did tell me that he loved me @ least 20 times in our 25 min drive home.... I think that too was heaven sent- just for me & my foolish pride... Anyway here are some 1st day pics & some pics of my darling Priss on her 1st day of 3yr old pre-school {I must really love that style of backpack - ha ha ha}!!!

{the A-man on his 1st day}

{Prissy on her 1st day}

{A-man after he persuaded me for 2 pumps of hair gel- I think I'll rethink that decision come Tues.}

{Prissy with her little spiral piggy's- her signature hair style back then...}

{Prissy & Joey- I was in NO shape for pics that day}

{A-man playing- I don't think Joey or I were in ANY shape for pics yesterday morning...}

{Priss told me just before we drove up to school "Momma don't even worry about brother- I asked Mrs. Stone yesterday & she said I could go & check on him during snack time today!" I couldn't even answer her.... I just pulled a "Jackie O" & wore my sunglasses ALL morning!}

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  1. Hey Ashly,
    Thanks for your stumbling upon my blog a few weeks back. Thought I'd peak into your 'world' too! It looks like you have been very blessed in life. What a beautiful family you have! Take care, Karlyn :)