Monday, August 30, 2010

"I kid you NOT..."

Today.. my little A-man woke with with a very suspicious "croupy" cough! So I did what any mother would do... and sacrificed my usual Monday routine of laundry & housework to snuggle with him {I know I'm the BEST- ha ha ha}. Then I got a call that someone wanted to come & see the house today @ 5:30- okay talk about insane switch of gears!! I am still in the crazy have to get all of the laundry out of the laundry room, bleach the drains, wash ALL the windows, & make sure the fruit bowl is well stocked with "pleasing to the eye" fruit- exhausting I assure you!!! Anyway I killed myself {and for those of you that know me well... I'm NOT kidding}! Then I booked it to the pediatrician's office to get the A-man checked out- YES he has the croup & will be doing a lot of this {see above photo} for the next few days... But don't get too worried- he has ordered "pasgetti" for dinner & I hear that his daddy is bringing home a new little car for him too... And guess what else??? I just got off the phone with our agent- she canceled!!!! YES canceled! She said, "that the couple who was suppose to come was the sister of the couple that came Saturday & her sister begged her NOT to come because she knew that the other sister would love it & buy it before her". Did you follow that? In other words- YES my house is staged & ready, NO the couple isn't coming tonight, & YES the couple that begged the other couple NOT to come has to sell their house first- YUCK!!!! I'm really starting to opposite of love this "selling my house thing"!!!

but I did stumble upon this little treasure on the way home...

and I felt a little guilty for asking her if she would take $5.00 {I am morphing into Cooner almost daily}, but smiled when she said "YES"!!!! Now I'll have something to busy myself with while A-man is down this week! Now I'm off to find our humidifier for you-know-who....

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