Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I love our neighborhood for MANY reasons, but I fell in LOVE with this little tradition from the get-go! I can still remember when we 1st got "spooked"- Joey & I were headed out to the movies (YES I can still remember spontaneous movie going... I think?). Anyway we heard the doorbell & saw a car load of children running away from our door? We had no idea what was going on. Then we saw the basket of fun Halloween treats, read the note, & we made a mad-dash to Wal-mart to get some "Spooking" supplies. Needless-to-say it has been a tradition for us since. Josey gets giddy when she hears the doorbell the entire month of October... so when it rang last night.... She jumped out of our bed (in the middle of Matthew during bible time) & the rest is history.

the rules:
1. you MUST hang your "Spooked" sign on your door...
2. you MUST "Spook" 3 other houses before Halloween night...
3. you MUST keep it a secret until Halloween night....
(trick-or-treat @ the houses you "Spooked" & identify yourselves-
this is also a great way to meet new neighbors...)

our 3 "Spook" baskets!!!
(yes I get a little out of control, but it is Ashton's 1st "Spooking"- but wait... what was my excuse last year???? I guess I have none! It is who I am......)

this was A-man's 1st year to "Spook"- we decided to let him stay up a little later last night to join in on the fun. I don't know who loved it more....
We had a BALL!!!!!!

Try this out in your neighborhood- you will NOT be sorry. It is so fun & we have the best family memories of "Spooking"- including Joey twisting his ankle while insisting on carrying Priss & the basket while I drove the get-away-car 3 yrs ago!!!!! I wish you could have seen us- we were laughing hysterically & Mrs. Allen totally saw us & still acted surprised on Halloween for Priss- what a good sport!!!!

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