Thursday, April 21, 2011

happy birthday... {little} A-man!

Four {very short} years ago on this very day.... I helped God with my second little miracle. My bed rest stint was over, Cooner & Daddy had just arrived {no coincidence I assure you- God was carefully orchestrating even those details}, & I put Prissy in the bath a bit early {because my contractions were getting close together & I knew that she would worry if we left for the hospital before she went down to bed}..... I have been looking over my old journals this week... and oh how what I have forgotten. This was my last journal entry the night before my sweet A-man arrived:

::April 20th 2007
I am about to bring another life into the world- what an honor & a joy as a woman. I am so grateful to have been able to make it this far and soon bring my Ashton Honor home. Father give him a sweet spirit just like his big sister, make his heart tender like his momma, and Lord PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make him bold for YOU like his daddy. Oh and one more tiny thing.... please make his eyes brown..............

so far:
sweet spirit like his sister= check!
tender heart like his momma= check!
BOLD= double check!!
brown eyes= check!


Happy Birthday my darling brave boy-
Momma loves you Pickle!!!



{did I ever tell y'all that while Joey & I were pulling out of the drive- headed for the hospital- contractions 4 minutes apart.... Cooner yelled out "Ashly, try and hold off until the morning- it's Daddy's birthday!"- NO KIDDING- ask Joey!!!}

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  1. Happy Birthday Ashton!!! Your such a sweet little guy-- and everything your mom prayed for!!! A blessing to us all--