Thursday, April 28, 2011

a long story... {short!}

"everyone needs Compassion.."- this was a post from a year ago....

This is our oldest daughter Tigist-
she lives in Ethiopia & will be 16 in October. However she lives a very different life than our other 2. We adopted her through the Compassion International Children's Fund about 12 years ago. I can remember Joey
asking me (when we were dating) if I thought it was a good idea. I had NO idea then what it would mean to me now. We are able to correspond with her about every 3 months. She writes with school updates & news about her family. Josey now loves to draw pictures for her & see her writing & hear about
how she prays to the same God that we do! It is amazing to see God's work there- what an opportunity to show the love of Jesus. If you have ever thought about joining Compassion- I pray that you consider it again!

Now... in October I learned that Compassion was going to Ethiopia & I was invited to go and meet my sweet Tigist. I felt that it was God's plan {because it was SO out of my comfort zone}. Long story... short- I committed right away, paid for the flight {a 14 hour direct flight- YIKES}, got my passport, shopped for things I thought she might like, & now I'm leaving Saturday for 12 days.... I am joining 20 other Compassion adoptive parents who will get to meet their children for the 1st time too. I can't believe that it is time to go already... I'm sure that this will come as a complete shock to many of you, as it still is to me! PLEASE keep me {and my sweet husband, Cooner- who has graciously offered to come & help with my darlings, & of course my sweet Prissy & little A-man- in your prayers... I'll see y'all back here in a couple of weeks!!!


p.s. I wanted to take a little something for the other younger girls at her school.... and when I'm anxious I usually bust out my glue gun....I hope they like hair bows- {45 to be exact}?? Now poor sweet Tigist will get a taste of how my precious Prissy feels about her crazy Momma- ha ha ha!!!!


"whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me..."
~Mark 9:37~

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  1. I can't believe it has time for you to go... It is going to be such a great trip. Prayers for you and your fam... So happy for you and proud too.. :) love and miss ya-