Thursday, December 09, 2010

"I'd like ya to meet.."

our newest grand-daughter-doll... Elizabeth- {Lizy}.

She is just as precious as her little name & might I say her sisters- Lucy & Lanie couldn't be more happy {because she did come with several accessories that they ALL 3 share}!!!
Cooner & Papaw sent Prissy Lizy for Christmas early- they have planned a train trip to Chicago when we come home & I guess you may know a certain little girl that may be interesting in going to the American Girl Store???? And... Prissy & her 3 little girls are hosting a "Mommy & Me" tea party for her friends & their girls after the new year!!!!! What fun little girls are!!!!

{But... every morning when I open my vanity drawer & find something of his, as if he thinks I may forget about him... I think to myself- I wouldn't go trading my little rock hunter in for any little 3 yr old girl out there!!!}

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