Monday, December 13, 2010

"the perfect teacher gift...."

Every year I like to take goodies to the teachers & the office staff @ school... This gift is the perfect compliment to ANY treat & they LOVE it every time!!!!

First gather some plates/platters & some fun bowls
{I like to hunt for them throughout the year & get them for next-to-nothing. Now & after Christmas is the best time to get them.}

Next get yourself some of this stuff- Now ~WARNING~ this is NOT your average glue!!! I am convinced that it could easily glue your car bumper on so PLEASE use it as directed & in a well ventilated space!!!

it's as easy as that- in 1 minute you have a pretty cake stand to display your treats on.

I love this one...

The only problem is... you'll want to keep one- so make an extra for you!!!

p.s. Prissy stole the show- {so I'm told by 2 very reliable gentlemen}. I think she asked me to pray for her a least a dozen time & I know many of you were praying too- THANK YOU !!! She was the picture of grace & talent with her little dainty ballerina ways.... I didn't get to actually see the show- I was backstage, but I did see a blue million rehearsals.... We are both happy & sad to have it behind us, but not to worry we will be getting ready for the spring recital before we know it!!!!

p.s.s. The by "A" company is closing up orders today for the Holiday line!!! It was fun doing custom orders this year & wrapping them pretty for y'all!!! I hope to go even bigger next year? THANK YOU for your orders- y'all are so sweet... Here is a peek @ the last one left..... except that I promised it to my little Priss just this morning.....

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  1. She is so cute in that dress! Does it have a hair piece? :)