Friday, December 17, 2010

"over the river & through the woods..."

... to the Grandparents' Houses we go!!!! We are headed home for Christmas this year... so if y'all could save us some snow... that'd be great!!!!!! My little guy is desperate to make a snow angel & Prissy just wants to "maybe watch the boys from the inside & have some hot cocoa"- she is me what can I say????? PLEASE pray for our travels & for sanity on that LONG car trip!!!!!!!!! I will say that having to be somewhere makes you get stuff done ahead of time {unless you're Joey- I don't see any presents under the tree for me.. but who's counting- ha ha}. Here is a peek into some of our traditions are as y'all getting ready for the big day!!!!!!

::Our family has a few Christmas traditions: #1 we exchange ONLY 3 gifts because we want our children to see us giving 3 like the wise men did for baby Jesus, #2 we always adopt a family in need (usually with children) so that our children can help choose gifts for them, #3 we bake a birthday cake for Jesus on Christmas Eve & eat it for breakfast on Christmas morning, &#4 Joey reads the story of baby Jesus to us during our party- this is my FAVORITE because Josey now chimes in with verses & narrates right along with him! Well.. I got to get packing... "Only 1 more sleep Momma" has been said around this house more than once this morning.. (that is how she has equated time since she was 2.. I LIKE her....)::

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