Monday, December 06, 2010

"a little mice tutorial..."

We have been making these little guys/girls for years {well since Prissy was 3 for her pre-school class} & now it's A-man's turn to make them for his class... I do want to say that I did not make this one up- I saw them in a magazine when I was pregnant with Priss & just sorta invented the pattern. This is yet another example of how you can spend a little & bless A LOT!!! You need: 2 sheets of gray felt & 1 sheet of pink felt {60 cents}, googly eyes {$1.00 & you get a blue million}, candy canes {50 cents}, black beads/pom poms for the nose {$1.00} red ribbon for the girl mice & to tie on the bags {49 cents}, & goodie bags to finish them up {$1.00}- so we are talking less than $5.00 for a precious little Christmas craft!!!! NO excuses ladies......

start by clicking on this pattern & enlarging it to the size you prefer...

next trace them onto your felt & cut 2 little vertical flaps to insert your little ears

glue on the pink part of the ears, the eyes, & the nose. Then cut 2 horizontal lines & insert your candy cane tail...

...and when your husband says "do the girl ones really need bows?" Give him the stink-eye politely say "YES" & then add some for crying out loud {then un-plug the glue gun & call it a night}!!!

now put them in a pretty basket/bowl {this pretty polka dot bowl is from Michaels- it's Paula Deen & is on sale right now for $2.00}

p.s. how do y'all like the new pics on the sidebar & header???? THANK you to my very sweet & amazingly talented friend Jodi that came & took our family pics this year {it was so fun being the set designer for my own kiddos- thanks for putting up with me & my props- ha ha}... I ADORE ALL 106 OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


happy 35th wedding Anniversary to:
Cooner & Daddy


Happy Birthday Jodi C