Tuesday, December 28, 2010

"... just another day in paradise!"

Once upon a time in a beautiful city with pretty lights, wonderful store front windows, & scrumptious food.... there was a red & pink colored store {straight out of a fairy tale}... And in that store..... wishes came true!

The American Girl Store did NOT disappoint. Here is a peek into paradise... First we walked around barely speaking- just drinking in the splendor of it all... I was totally enthralled with the constant sound of little girls giggling & knowing that my little darling was one of them!!!

Then we she carefully walked through the displays... wanting to choose just the right outfits for her girls!!! AHH it was amazing to see all of the little things that we have seen & circled in the catalog for the last 5 years!!!

Next we treated ourselves to a dessert {and one for Lizzie too- they came with a mini dessert for your doll.. which we loved}!!! ~I told y'all this place was paradise!!!!

And... then we decided to get Lizzie's hair done {cause she was looking a little frumpy after the train ride}...

Prissy didn't want to leave her... so we stayed & watched the stylist- so fun!!!
~YES~ this doll is better cared for than most children I know!!!!

Finally {2 hrs later..} we picked up our coats @ the coat-check {did I mention that I LOVE the big city} & hailed a cab {which by the end of our trip- Prissy got quite good at} back to the hotel to pick up the A-man & Cooner for dinner.

But not before we walked through the streets & hit a few more shops {she insisted on carrying her bags & Lizzie the ENTIRE way}!!!

The girls getting ready to ice skate
{she has wanted this outfit for years now...}

and they ALL lived ...
Happily Ever After


  1. I am glad that my outfit made the cut for the store!!! I cannot wait until Paige is able to go there! :) Miss you all!

  2. YES!!! she chose it hands-down for the trip... THANK YOU!!!!!!! We love & miss you guys too....

  3. I was looking at the pictures thinking our scarf made the cut (yeah!) .....can't imagine how you must feel about outfit making cut! lol

    Ashly/Josey ~ I'm thrilled the two of you were able to visit the store. What fun!

  4. of course the scarf made the cut... and the wallet and the purse!!!!!!!