Friday, December 03, 2010

"a little peek..."

okay so I haven't exactly baked the goodies yet to finish up the teacher's gift {but it is on my list for Monday & I'll show you then how cute they are...}. But- in my defense- today is "Crazy Christmas Spirit Day" for SCCS & this house in my words "isn't stopping 'til it's gaudy" & when you see her picture you'll understand why I'm saying that!!!! Here is a little peek of our 2010 family pics {except that Joey was on call & missed them :( but Jodi made me get into this one for his desk!!! I can't wait to see the others- they should be here any day!!! Also here is a peek @ a link to one of last year's teacher gifts.

see... I think she might have a little of me in her- ha ha ha!!!!!

Hope y'all have a blessed weekend!!!!!!

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