Wednesday, June 29, 2011

{happy b-day to me...}

Well.... today I'm the BIG 33! I'm doing the usual Wednesday stuff.... making some pillows for the back porch {pictured}, Lego time, coloring, a little Dragon Tales... and some swimming {note- as of yesterday the A-man now swims without his shark float..... I'm not sure how I feel about that!}. Joey is bringing home dinner- YEAH! and is making me a cheesecake YUMMY-O - I do so {heart} birthdays! I have nothing earth-shattering or super clever to report today... but here are some random facts about me that you may not know...


1. When I was growing up, my birthday wish EVERY year was for Cooner to live forever {I still say it when I blow my candles out...}.
2. My favorite verse is Jer 29:13 "You will seek me and find me, when you seek me with all of your heart"......
3. I love the smell of my children- they are delicious!!!!
4. I am a horrible joke teller.....
5. I ALWAYS stand up during the National Anthem {even during the medal ceremonies of the Olympics- in my bedroom!}
6. I have read Little Women a ba-zillion times....
7. I love dirty, junky, non-air conditioned, nearly condemned thrift stores- they have the BEST stuff. What can I say? I'm part gypsy! hence the fact that 75% of my house is used or as I like to say re-furbished!
8. blood doesn't gross me out... but I HATE being dirty....
9. I am a little freakish about my kiddos' nails- I cut them about 3 times a week.
10. my favorite color is pink... and my 2nd favorite is light pink
11. I love collecting.... old silver, old furniture, old metal crates... basically anything OLD!
12. I {heart} naps.... if I would take one EVERY day if I could!!!
13. I eat a bagel almost every morning of my life- even if I make something else for the kiddos.
14. I hate driving.... but I do like riding in the car {maybe because I get my sense of direction from Cooner- ha ha}
15. I am not very competitive.... which drives my husband crazy.
16. I love fabric! Any shade, texture, or style will do..... So much so that I can hardly part with scraps after projects... {it's a sickness I know}!
17. Lark Rise to Candleford is my favorite television show- EVER!!!
18. but Gilmore Girls is a VERY close 2nd....
19. I love sleeping with my heating pad... and NO I'm not 133! I just am an old soul!
20. I love jewelry... not really expensive stuff- just gaudy- ha ha!
21. I miss my kiddos when they are sleeping.... I almost wanna wake them up, but I DON'T!
22. I love singing in the car with Cooner & Prissy so much that it makes me cry... but I don't tell them!
23. Airports make me sad & always give be a belly ache- they remind me of having to say "goodbye" to Joey when we were dating. They take people away when they don't wanna go & won't bring them back when they're ready....
24. I'm currently obsessed with "The Kennedy's" on Netflix
25. I love to wrap gifts, I have been known to spend more or as much on the gift wrap as the gift. It's all about presentation!!!
26. I love A-man's belly laugh- it could heal the hardest of hearts, this I am sure!!!
27. I love Prissy's attitude in life. She has a earnest sweetness in her spirit that I wish for myself!!
28. I don't like walking or talking in front of crowds....
29. I love getting mail!
30. I don't miss cable... we canceled it last year. When Joey first proposed this dreaded idea I thought it was horrible.... Now I'm thankful!
31. I adore lilacs, but sadly... I have none!
32. I don't tan {at least not very pretty}, I burn then I freckle.....
33. I secretly like playing Legos....

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