Wednesday, August 17, 2011

{1 year ago today I...}

~ Woke up smack-dab in the middle of a sad dream that lingered through lunch.

~ Walked Ashton Honor into pre-school & held his clammy hand, hoping to pulse courage through osmosis. {ohh my heart....}

~ Brushed through hair.. that didn't get conditioner the night before...

~ Ironed 2 outfits for school... and one a little more carefully cause it seems so little- too little to be going..

~ Was sassed by a Little stranger too big for her five-year old britches in the parking lot.

~ Waffled between the white shirt and the grey.

~ Contemplated my new found free-time on Tues & Thurs.... all the while knowing I would give it up in a heartbeat for more time with the A-man...

~ Sheared my little lamb- so he looks a little more up to par- it grows so darned fast these days! {you're welcome Cooner...}

~ Lamented Summer's end & shorter days.

~ Daydreamed Cooner's peach cobbler.

~ Packed 3 lunches.... not 1, not 2, but 3.....

~ Ate breakfast at Granny's doughnuts {cause that's what you do on your 1st day of school around here- at least that's what A-man thinks....}.

~ Imagined the future.

~ Searched feverishly on-line for the perfect fall coats for the kiddos.

~ Remembered a movie that Priss & I watched last weekend... and cried all over again {Letters to God- good gracious that's a tear jerker.. why in the world did I do that to myself I'll never know?}!

~ Washed a bucket full of cars that were "accidentally" dropped in the toilet.

~ Looked forward to tomorrow & the day after that.

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