Thursday, August 04, 2011

{an interview with the A-man}

How old are you? "you member mommy, I'm four" {I love how he says "member" for remember. I'm glad he said it for y'all!}

What is your name? "Ashton Honor Harris"

What is your favorite color? "all boy colors like blue and orange, but not pink! NO goowl (girl) colors"

Who is your best friend? "can't tell you.... but it's Lukey"

What is your favorite animal? "rabbit"

What do you want to be when you grow-up? "a Lego builder mommy... you member that didn't you?"

What is your favorite Movie? "Star Wars & the dittle (little) Cars movie"

What is your favorite book? "Toy Story & Lego Star Wars- the one with the ships from Uncle {Aunt} Michelle"

What makes you happy? "Star Wars stuff"

What makes you sad? "boo boos"

What is your favorite food to eat? "pancakes & bacon & eggs & syrup & biscuits & eggs"- he LOVES eggs!!!

What is your favorite song to sing? "dun. dun. duna dannnna na. duna dannnna na. duna dun na" {cue- him singing the Star Wars theme song}- in which he hums all day long & I LOVE it!!

What games do you like to play? "tick tack toe & Legos & swim & iPad"


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