Friday, August 05, 2011

{a few new things & a request...}

I have been saving ALL of our Visa rewards {I think it's positively genius to get free rewards} to redeem for JC Penney gift cards. {FYI- they have the best deal that I've seen so far on curtains if you are looking. These panels were regularly $68/ea & they are now $14.99/ea with free shipping.} The result=new white panels for the living room. I think I love it... what do y'all think?

~the Living Room Diaries~

1. sell sofa & get slip covered one
2. make new pillows
3. replace chest for coffee table
4. new curtains
5. new rug
6. re-paint {builder beige=YUCKY}


Y'all know how I {love} new products -that work..... Well last weekend @ work a nurse introduced me to this. I absolutely adore the smell, the feel, the look {what can I say- I'm all about presentation & this little jar is precious} & the size {a perfect fit for my bedside table}! Although... Prissy has taken a liking to it too- which means it won't last long!


And, I have been wanting to start an "Emma" book collection for years. So--- I bought myself my 1st one this weekend at the Maxx. I first saw this particular one at Anthro last fall for $35.00. I found this little beauty for $12.00- let the collection begin!!!!!


These little guys aren't new, but I couldn't resist sharing what I get to look at this morning. He has become quite the little "momma's shadow" with Prissy away & I couldn't be happier about it!!! {about the shadow part- NOT the Prissy being away part!}


***And MOST importantly!!!! A daughter of one of my dearest friends needs your prayers today. Miss Christin {5 yrs} is having exploratory surgery to see what can be done to fix her kidneys. Damage began with what seemed like benign kidney infections & UTIs but the damage has proven more severe. PLEASE lift up this family with me today!!!!!***

{I couldn't find a great photo of sweet Christin, but this is Prissy at 5 yrs. It is such a precious stage- far too young to be going through this.}

~Luke 18:1~ ...pray and do not give up.

Have a great weekend!!

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