Saturday, August 06, 2011

{lessons learned...}

I have to share this new family devotional that we have been using. The lessons are about 2-3 pages {about all the A-man's attention span can be held for- ha ha}. And, it's very easy to understand with simple clear examples that children can understand. It is from Amazon & I Highly recommend it!!! Our last lesson was on "humility". We explained how important being humble is & gave the children a few examples like: considering others better than yourself.... Which leads me to Prissy & I's conversation friday afternoon. She immediately busted in with "Momma the WORST thing happened to me today!" "What?" I asked {knowing she is a smidgen of an exaggerator- I told y'all that already though}. "Well Momma everyone was around my desk talking about how pretty my hand writing was. Momma it made my heart smile! " {cue tearing up from moi} "Then one of the girls said, Look at mine, it's way better than Josey's!" I saw the opportunity to use the bible lesson. I reminded her about humility & considering other's better than ourselves & that life is about being humbled sometimes. She quickly chimed in with "Well I hope tonight's lesson is on HUMILIATION, because that what I was today!" I had NO words........never a dull moment around here! I love how God teaches us something right when we need it!!!


These little guys finally got to have another play date. They are SO much alike that it cracks me up- so precious!!!!!!! Don't let the guns, swords, knives, bow & arrows, light sabers, or hand cuffs fool you though- they are harmless!!!!!!!!!

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