Tuesday, April 20, 2010

"come on over"

This week has been ~CRAZY~ but I wouldn't have it any other way! We are getting ready for my parents to come into town this weekend, Priss has had countless recital practices, & some little (strangely enough nearly blond) boy is having a big party.... and his momma tends to go a little lot nuts when it comes to her kiddos..... And... if ya'll remember I bought a bed last week?

Well.... drum roll please!!!!!!!!

Isn't she georgous??
(I adore her & the little one who gets to keep her! SEE- I told ya'll Joey could make her pretty. We added some molding & some Jersey Cream- one of my favorite paint colors)

The biggest hurdle with the bed was the bedding... I adore the current "twin" sized bedding that we already have, plus I am trying to cut corners on cost... I tweeked the "twin" into a "full" in NO time & you can too. First turn the quilt sideways (perfect fit) then roll the duvet the other way (perfect too)... finally cut the panels off of the dust ruffle & sew all 3 onto a "twin" flat sheet. PERFECT!!!! (I only had to purchase 1 more euro sham & that should be here next week). Priss is positively giddy about her new bed & now we have guest room accommodations YEAH!!!! Now ya'll IN peeps have NO excuses!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. fantastic job! it's so charming! can i come live with yall?