Thursday, April 15, 2010

"to hate or NOT to hate?"

so today... I picked up my Priss & this is how our conversation went on the way to ballet:

Priss- "hey Momma can you have more than 1 BFF"

me- "of course, but I'm your very favorite right (laughing looking in the rear view mirror realizing that she wasn't laughing)? Hey you what's the matter?"

Priss- "well @ school sometimes some of the girls don't want to play with me & sometimes my heart hurts a little but- but just sometimes..."

me- (wanting to do a U turn & fix this once and FOR ALL... but knowing that this shouldn't be right... Is it possible to HATE a little 6 yr old who hurts your child?) "Priss that brakes my heart! well... I'm sure that tomorrow will be better. I know that getting left out is NO fun- please don't EVER leave anyone out. But hey you know who NEVER lets us down?"

Priss- "who Mamma?"

me- "Jesus & he'll come to you anytime you need him to. Even when Momma or daddy or Cooner or Grandma Harris or anyone else lets you down even a little bit- he will NEVER let you down!!! Why don't you play with someone else who's playing my herself or maybe start your own game & I bet the others will want to play too!"

Priss- "o-kay... hey if brother ever wants to come play @ recess.. will you bring him for me? And Momma.. you are my BFF with an exclamation point!"

me- "ABSOLUTELY my love... & your my BFF! too!"

p.s. I'm reminded by my bible study a quote that I have heard MANY times growing up... "a mother is only as happy as her saddest child". Tonight I'm sad...

and NO I really do not hate any of her playmates... at least not anymore:)

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