Thursday, April 08, 2010

"my favorite peeps"

ok ok ok.. here are some pics from last weekends events (including the hunt & Easter Sunday). WARNING! some of this pics may hurt cause they are so darned cute!!!
So sorry for the delay...

A-man with his precious "truck" basket...
checking out the competition.

I {adore} these guys- but I guess ya'll knew that already...

just some of the super-fun loot that came out of the eggs-
{thanks Laura for making it so fun!!}

A-man "thanking" Priss for sharing her new toys with him
{he didn't quite catch on to the idea of GRABBING the eggs in a hurry- the big kids snatched most of the ones that he spied...}

my little handsome guy showing off his new tie...

aren't they precious???
I LOVE that they don't object to "matching"... yet?

the 2 most handsome guys in NC!!!

that's ALL folks..
have a WONDERFUL day!

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