Friday, April 09, 2010

"wonder woman..."

So this is what ya get when your child tells you on THURSDAY- that she wants to be "wonder woman" for Super Hero Spirit Day on FRIDAY!

FIRST- you rummage through the dress-up box... then you find "something/anything" that at all resembles something super hero-ish (thanks Marissa for the hand-me-down). Teal & blue??? sure! Who says that Wonder Woman has to wear red,white, & blue- work with me here folks!!!

THEN... you think about a cape..... huh what can I make a cape out of?? I know my black skirt! And with the wave of my wand- wal-ah a huge W was in place & all was right @ our house... yet again.... Good Gracious!!! Whatever happened to the good 'ole days of "denim day"?

FINALLY... add a few silver stars to her face, SEVERAL bracelets & rings, some shiny teal eye shadow, & of course- some RED lipstick- watch out Linda Evans!!!!
GO Mrs. White's 1st grade class!!!

have a blessed

p.s. my handsome nephew Tyler is going to Prom tomorrow!!!! I hope (wink wink hint hint) to get a picture to show ya'll. My My have things changed & so have the dresses!!!! I loved Prom......

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