Thursday, April 01, 2010

"a little of this & that..."

April is here & that means... A-man will be turning 3 (I can hardly type that without welling up- YIKES)! I have another super fun party planned, but I'll tell ya'll about that another day. Today @ breakfast I was watching him & I realized that he is so funny (along with being the cutest 2 yr old EVER). He (nearly @ every meal) bites his food into shapes- it's amazing. He has made me boots, cars, swords, houses, guns, hats, trucks, & even his sister...

Today he made me a ship out of his pop tart... I think he's brilliant don't you?

Also he LOVES to dress up. Now not in the flowing princess gown way like his sister would choose, but in the soldier with guns & swords sort of way...
Cooner found this little suit of armor for him. He ADORES it (ya'll may be seeing this again next October?)!!!
~He is my little Knight in Shining Armor~

p.s. Cooner introduced Priss to the world of tag-sales. Priss cracked me up when she called me @ work, she said:

"Momma we went to people's houses & bought their stuff. It was the best! Why would they get rid of ALL that good stuff?"

p.s.s. A-man & I went to Prissy's award ceremony yesterday. We are SO very proud of your grades sweet Priss, but more importantly the way that you conduct yourself!!!! I praise GOD for your life EVERY single day!!!!!!!!!!

and that's NO foolin'!

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