Tuesday, April 13, 2010

"trauma life @ the Great Wolf Lodge"

AHHHH we are back from an EXTREMELY fun weekend @ the Great Wolf Lodge!!! Joey, Me, Priss, & A-man suited up for the BIG slides (ALL for different reasons). Joey promised Priss that he would give her a dollar for each time she went down the "big" slides & well... since she is saving desperately for Lanie (the newest American Girl doll)... she cried & went! I must say however- she loved them all once she went down the 1st time... Now A-man on the other hand- he does NOT have to be persuaded to put himself in harms way! Joey led him to the top of one of the big ones & I waited (pale & sick @ the bottom) to see his little mop of curls come whirling down. The 1st time was great- he wanted NO part of his OVER-PROTECTIVE-NEURO-NURSE-OF-A-MOMMA to even help him out of the rather deep pool @ the end. The 2nd time... well that was different. I waited, just like before- but this time when he came out he was on his belly? I said "are you o-kay A-man?" "Me NO go that slide again!" he shouted for the world to hear. And then I saw why- I pushed back is ringlets only to find a goose egg the size of Texas bleeding down his forehead..... So now what have we learned here girls????? Well this- when your good sound mind tells you "hey Ashly maybe you shouldn't listen to the man who thinks that blood is a sign of good character who consequently wants to take your baby on a slide that may/or may not cause you to have to do a COMPLETE neurological assessment on him in the end"?????? I don't know that's just me! Anyway once we got over that & I watched him take his nap & woke him up every 30 min.... I relaxed some more. This time I was encouraged to ride the "tornado" & was rewarded to a shopping spree for my bravery (or maybe it was in restitution for the A-man incident?)....

A-man taking down some other little fellas on the squirting jet skies!
(I swear the boy is fearless- this just before rushing the crowd @ story time to see Wiley the Wolf!!!)

Priss having a little snack & relishing in all if her $cash$

A-man in between pupil checks!!!! He had a very fast recovery- praise GOD!!!

~my boys hoopin' it up~

p.s. I am still waiting for a Prom picture.........


  1. hey! i would send u a pic but im not really sure how! let me know and we can get one 2 ya! u probably dont have a facebook.... but there are a lot of pictures on there! talk 2 ya later!!!

  2. Allisonny- e-mail us a good one so I can show off the cute couple!!!!