Wednesday, April 21, 2010

"happy 3rd birthday A-man"

3 years ago today I helped God with my second little miracle!!!! You- Precious Ashton Honor are such a joy to everyone around you- I am loving getting to know you more everyday. You have taught me that it's okay to get dirty, how bugs are not as threatening as they might first appear, that cars & GI Joe's can be as fun as dolls & make-up, how to bite my tongue & let you climb the very tallest slide on the playground, & that GREAT BIG BLESSINGS really do come in a TEENY TINY PACKAGES (to think that you were once a little 5 lb wimpy white boy in the NICU)! I pray blessing over your life my cherished son! May you live it with your whole heart & give God ALL of the glory!

p.s. we are having his party this weekend.... guess what the theme is this year- (ha ha ha)???
Papaw too!!!
(we can't wait to see you this weekend)

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