Wednesday, April 14, 2010

"the search is over"

Well..... I've done it again! I keep doing it so I can NOT say that it won't happen again.... I went "junking". But this time I found something that I've actually been looking for- huh imagine that? Priss is currently sleeping on my childhood bed (which I adore & will be keeping Cooner), but she & Cooner & Grandma Harris like to co-sleep.... so I've been looking to for a antique bed that is: larger, with a precious high backed head board, a rounded foot board, & it must be within my price range of under $100.00- no problem! . Low & behold after 2 years of looking- the search is over!

Now before you get all "what is that awful looking thing" on me.. Joey can make it pretty- don't worry. Now I just have to come up with some fancy dinner plans for tonight & some sweet talk- ha ha. I think he'll take the bait, besides it's for his precious daughter whom he adores!!!

p.s. I hope to get this baby in ship-shop-shape before Cooner & Papaw get here next week. The house is bulging @ the seams with all of the party stuff for A-man's big #3 next week- I'll fill ya'll in on that later....

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