Tuesday, February 24, 2009

"just by accident"

I love accidental greatness!!!!! You know when two already awesome things combine to make something truly heavenly??? Like....... chocolate covered strawberries!!!!! Well, I recently needed a quick dessert so I looked into my sad pantry (which by the way looks nothing like Cooner's)! I found a brownie mix & a chocolate chip cookie mix???? Now by themselves they were nothing special, so I combined the two...........

pour brownie mix in first, then
add clumps of cookie dough on top and bake.
Take it out just a few minutes early-
it is sooooo yummy that way!!!!!

We finished up another chapter of "Charlotte's Web" last night- reading chapter books to Priss is my new favorite thing! This is only our 3rd, following: An American Girl series "Molly"- precious- I must admit tears flew there more than once, then before that "Little House on the Prairie". Any suggestions for great children's books??? She prefers ones with girls as main characters, but I think she could be persuaded with anything if we use a pink bookmark! Anyway, I LOVE "Charlotte's Web", it so reminds me of Mrs.Lawhead- such a great teacher & reader. I can almost hear her voice as I read aloud. I was so in to it last night that I didn't see that Priss had fallen asleep- I must admit that even after I realized, I finished the chapter. Partly because I am task oriented and once I start something I must finish, but mostly because I love Fern & Wilbur!!!! So I scooped her up and carried her to her bed (Joey was gone). Just as I turned to make my way down the steps I hear "Momma uhmm, we forgot to brush my teeth". "I know Priss, we will just do a really good job in the morning", I said. "Momma what about my prayers?" "We prayed already, remember?" I added. "But Momma can I just tell you that my nerves are shot about getting a cavity, and I think Jesus is waiting for us to pray on our knees"- she said (at this point sitting up in bed). What can I say????? She is her mother's daughter!!!!!!

so cute!!!

I know what you are thinking and
YES!!! She just keeps getting cuter!!!!!!!

please keep Kristy's family (my BFF in IN) in your prayers. Her Grandmother Betty went to be with Jesus yesterday. I know that she is now with her precious husband Jack, but this world will surely miss her...........

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