Friday, March 20, 2009

"WELCOME Hayes Family"

My family is coming to town tomorrow and we are soooo excited!!!! Cooner, Travis (my brother), Tucker (my nephew), Jaylee Kay (my niece), Missy (our sweet friend), Gauge (her son) & Landon (her other son). I can't wait to see all of them again, although secretly I want Cooner ALL to myself..... Josey adores Jaylee, & Ashton adores Tucker. He has no idea that he is only 1, he doesn't miss a beat when the big boys are around. I love to see our children play together- it so reminds me of us at their ages (although he wanted NOTHING to do with me- I loved him way more than he loved me). We have so many fun things planned during their visit- I just hope that the weather stays pretty??? I am going to use some of my recipes from previous posts, but I want to share a new one. These little gems are a hit- no matter the occasion. I make them @ Christmas with red & green, @ Valentine's Day with pink & red, @ St. Pat's with light green & dark green. The possibilities are endless. Josey has perfected this snack- she loves to make them for school parties- everyone loves them! Enjoy.....

this is all you need
I am using pastel colored M&M's
for Easter with yellow chocolate melts.
I have used Hershey's kisses-
but I like the extra color from the melts.
(you can't mess them up- everyone loves chocolate)

Preheat oven to 170 degrees
Lay out waffle-shaped pretzels in a single layer on a cookie sheet
Top each pretzel with a Hershey's kiss or chocolate melt
Bake for 4-6 minutes- until chocolate feels soft to touch
Remove from oven & quickly press M&M's candy into the center of each
Allow the treats to cool for a few minutes
Then pop cookie sheet into the refrigerator to set- about 10 minutes
Place in air-tight container or plastic bag with a fun ribbon as a party favor

ya'll are gonna love them-
sweet & salty..

please keep my family in your prayers- I know that the trip is LONG.... but I would like to think that we are worth it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May God bless their traveling, keeping them safe & sane..

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