Saturday, January 01, 2011

"Happy New Year!!"

Well.... the beginning of 2011 came & went and even though I was upright & awake... I still didn't kiss my hubby right @ midnight??? We were deep in the middle of Phase 10 & missed it.... But we had a fabulous time with our sweet friends the Caddell's {we are so blessed to have couples our age with kiddos our kiddos' ages to share our lives with- THANK YOU!!}! I seriously laughed until my stomach hurt & made the "ugly laugh face" several times @ Joey & Heath's impressions.... The kiddos had their own party & ended up in our bed ALL asleep @ the stroke of midnight.... Hope your holiday was as fun as ours- here is a peek into our party...

..of course we had party favors- I mean really did y'all doubt me?? Cooner would bring me home a fancy tiara every year from New Year's Eve... I still remember how fun it would be to wake up to it @ the breakfast table!!! It's funny how you never forget the little things??

~Heath & Jodi~

~Me & Joey~

The boys being... themselves BOYS!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait until next year already...

p.s. Today the 4 of us headed out to see the new Disney movie "Tangled".... We ALL agreed that in the event that we had to choose 1 movie to watch the rest of our lives we would ALL choose it!!!!!! If you haven't seen it- GO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Then we took down the Christmas decorations... in the words of A-man "poor us"!!


  1. Love the photos!!! Miss you guys sooo much it hurts----

  2. we miss you guys too!!!!!!! When are we getting together again- I think we should make it 2x a year????