Tuesday, December 01, 2009

"shop the house-part 1"

I love giving gifts, but my favorite part of the gift is the presentation! It totally thrills me to put something together for free from stuff that I have just sitting around the house. Thus the "shop the house" series this year!!! It is SO gratifying making something out of nothing & your hubby will be singing your praises too! You're Welcome!!!

I LOVE re-cycling paper market bags. They make the perfect simple background paper for adding a super-FUN scarf to finish it off!!!

Also- I am FINALLY going to use the "Christmas" dishes that I have never used! But this time I am giving them away. I am turning them into cake stands/cookie platters for teacher gifts! They are so easy- just glue them together with E-600 (get some of this my friends- we will be using it A LOT over the next few weeks)!

Just ADD something YUMMY &
TA-DA!!! A FREE & FUN Holiday gift!!

DO NOT throw away those empty wrapping paper rolls- they make the perfect travel bag holder- these little gifts are great to send along with something else (for someone who has everything)!

These make the cutest little treat containers for your Holiday baking! You can use oatmeal containers, coffee cans, tins cans, or anything else with a flat surface...

Next get some card stock, wrapping paper, beads, trim, & anything else festive!!!
They are totally precious & best of all- FREE!
(I am going to fill these with this YUMMY recipe from my SIL Michelle- it is perfectly YUMMY, simple, & EASY)

~White Chocolate Popcorn~

20 oz. almond bark
2 T. peanut butter
3 bags of butter popcorn (Orville Red.)

Microwave the popcorn.

Put the popcorn in a LARGE bowl.
Melt the almond bark.
Mix in the peanut butter.
Mix the almond bark & peanut butter into the popcorn. Pour on wax paper to cool.

p.s. I am just now getting to our Va-cay pics... I hope to post some tomorrow, NO promises???

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