Thursday, July 02, 2009

"the EYE 101"

well..... I have to tell you about Josey's little "EYE Lecture" from yesterday. First let me just say- she is soooo smart. I know that if I read 1/2 of these things about someones child I would NOT believe it, but I promise that I do not fabricate. Anyway I was about to throw away a stack of papers (frequently found wherever Priss has been) when she stopped me. "Momma what are you doing?" she asked. "I am straightening up- do you need some of these papers?" "YES Mam they are part of my power-point presentation." I kid you not- those where her words. Ok so now she really had my attention. She proceeded to pass out handouts- not from a copy machine (although I know she could do some damage with one), she had copied free-hand pictures of all the "slides". You would have died if you could have seen/heard all of the details. Ashton even paused from his pirate mission to have a look-see. I continue to be amazed at how awesome children can be.....

this is just a few of the "slides"
for her "power point"
I only wish
that you could have heard her...

this is little A-man-
he has really gotten into dressing up
too these days-
I have promised
to make him
a super-hero cape soon...

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