Thursday, July 23, 2009

"Josey's 4th Birthday"

When Princess Josey turned 4- we had a new little addition to our family (little A-man). I had been planning her "Disney Princess" themed party the entire 5 month bed rest term! I remember getting packages nearly everyday in the mail from tiaras to tattoos to lip gloss kits!!!!! SOOO fun- she & I had big dreams for this one. She invited 7 others little Princesses to come to "our castle" dressed in their princess attire. The girls were greeted @ the door with a Royal Welcome- each was crowned with a jeweled tiara, darned with a feather boa, made-up with make-up, & given a the "Royal Treatment" with a manicure & pedicure- whew!!!!!!! It was A LOT of work - but SO worth it!!!!!!! I LOVED EVERY MINUTE of it!!!!!!! They were escorted to the "Royal Dining Hall" to their personalized place setting. Each received a purse with more lip gloss (you can never have too much- ha), stickers, rings, bracelets, tattoos, & necklaces. They were amazed with the fun menu- all of Josey's favorites (chicken nuggets, carrots & dip, fruit with fluffy purple dip (whip cream with food coloring), Cheetos, Disney Princess cookies, pink velvet cup-cakes, & pink lemonade with strawberries!!!!!!! I know that 1 little girl's dream really came true that day.....

we made the invitation
in the shape of a wand
& added glitter- of course!!!

after the "Royal Buffet"
we headed out for more fun-
we played-
find the "poison apple" &
pin the tiara on the princess

finally we cooled off after the games
in the sprinkler & water slide!!!!
(with Princess Popsicles-
she only turns 4 once...)

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