Monday, July 13, 2009

"Revolutionary Love"

Our church is starting a new summer sermon series called "Revolutionary Love" (this will be the 3rd summer we have done it @ our church). It is just what it sounds like. We are asked to show the love of Jesus to our communities & give him ALL of the glory. It really is so cool to see how He can work through us- if we allow Him to.... Anyway we are given these little cards- (they explain the deed & why it was done). Just in my neighborhood last summer I was amazed. I saw a man mow his yard, then mow his neighbor's, then leave a little card on his doorstep. Children gave out lemonade for FREE- when asked "how much is it" they replied "Jesus has already paid for it for you". Children can be the BEST witnesses- I know mine are at times SOO much better than me. Anyway- I encourage you to show His love this week. It doesn't have to be fancy- just from Him!!!!

my sweet neighbor Miss Hazel
dropped these off for me today.
She did not need to leave a card-
I know where her treasure is!!!

"do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth.."
~Matthew 6:19

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