Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"Josey's 2nd Birthday"

Birthday #2 was celebrated @ our house too- this time with a "Fairy wing & Pixy dust" theme. Each child took home a pair of wings, a wand, a Chinese take-out container filled with jewels & fairy must-haves (embellished with ribbon & stickers of course), & a personalized crown (I got the template from Burger King- then painted them white & added their names & TONS of jewels!!!) They nibbled on tea-sandwiches, pigs-n-blankets, & feasted on fruit filled wands (kabob sticks with yummy fruit- I added a piece of star fruit to the end to finish it off). They colored pictures of castles & fairies. Then I gathered them up for a short story "The Merry Fairy's Manners". I know that they all had a wonderful time with my little Priss!!!!!!!

I had to add this profile picture
to the invitation!!! I wanted our family & friends
to get a copy of her 2yr old portrait pics.
She was the cutest little girl then & still is!!!!!!!

Hannah- she was little Prissy's
first friend- I hear that she still
has her wings from the party..
(I know another little fairy that wears
hers from time to time too...)

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