Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"Josey's 3rd Birthday"

Prissy's birthday falls right smack down in the middle of summer (in the BLAZING heat). Sooo for her 3rd I decided to cool things down with a water slide. She loved ponies then so I thought that I'd combine the two??? How about "Pony rides & water slides"????? I rented some little ponies for 2 hrs- this way the children could ride for awhile then cool off in the water. Each buckaroo got a cow-girl/boy hat, a sheriff badge, & yummy prizes to take home. It was a ball- I think that the parents loved it too. The ponies were a HUGE hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the invitation
says it all!!!!

I made this little dress to
match the party...
(you know my motto:
she will only turn 3 once!!!)

we went inside to
open gifts @ the end.
(once she opened the purple
princess set from Cooner & Papaw-
she kept it on until bath-time)

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